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Mirror of Souls (Random Review)


In 2002, Matt Smith decided to start a progressive metal band called "Theocracy" which means "a government controlled by God." He had been listening to Contemporary Christian Music, and was disappointed. He decided that Christian music needed to be as powerful as the message it brought, and he went as far as to say "when you're dealing with the most powerful and serious subject matter in existance, you can't back it up with weak music. It just doesn't work"

Fast forward 6 years, and Theocracy is now a full band, and they have just released their sophomore album, "Mirror of Souls." It combines their original Progressive Metal sound with the epic choral sections of Power Metal, creating one of the best metal projects to ever be released in any medium, and easily the best metal album to be released to the Christian market.

The album kicks off with A Tower of Ashes, which starts with an orchestraic section before adding guitars, and eventually an element of speed metal. The song talks about how craving glory and being prideful takes away from God, referencing the Tower of Babel in the beginning. The next song, On Eagle's Wings, is a song about God carrying us through the hard times in our life. Laying the Demon To Rest is a song about the war fought every day between God and sin for our hearts. Smith realizes that fighting the demons by ourselves is futile, and that only God can give us peace.

The next song is the only slow song on the album, entitled Bethleham, and it is beautifully executed. The song is from the point of view of the old Prophet that recognizes Christ as the Messiah shortly after His birth. Absolution Day is next, and takes some elements from Thrash Metal. The song is about how Christ will take our sins for us on Judgement Day ("Wait! No more! Suddenly another takes the stand: my advocate to plead my case; a perfect, blameless man"). The Writing in the Sand is heavily orchestrated, and is based on when Christ stopped a group of men from stoning a woman by saying "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," and is from the point of view of one of the men. He describe's Christ's gaze like a mirror to his soul, reflecting all his sins and hypocrisy. Martyr is song about Christ's sacrifice, and the greatness that came about because of it, and is one of the albums strongest songs.

The finale is the title track, and clocks in at 22 minutes and 26 seconds. The song ebbs and flows beautifully, with a few acoustic parts and soaring choruses. The song includes and orchestraic section and a shredding guitar solo. The song is the epic tale of a man who finds himself in a hall of mirrors that show him what other people think of him, and he is overcome with pride. He is, however, locked out when he mistakenly enters a door that leads outside into a raging storm. As he makes his way through the storm, he is convinced he is going to die when he sees a light. He makes his way toward it when he finds a massive gorge in his way. He is devestated, when a stranger appears, and leads him to a bridge. The man is able to cross, and finds that the light emenates from behind a door, which he promptly enters. Inside, he finds a massive mirror. When he looks at the mirror, he finds that his reflection is not there, instead a creature that is diseased and decaying, with completely black eyes. He runs away and exits to find the stranger once again. The stranger reveals that the creature shown in the mirror was the narrator's soul. The narrator realizes that what everyone else thought was a lie, and only what God sees matters ("The truth unveiled before me with these words of the stranger: 'The mirrors you saw in the hall long ago Were mirrors of lies, not reflecting the soul When you look unto others to see what they see You see an illusion, deception, false reality'"). The stranger then takes the man back into the hall, and the mirror only reflects the stranger, not the man. The stranger (Christ) took the man's sin, and repaired his soul.

There is nothing to complain about on this album, it is progressive/power metal at its finest. There is absolutely no doubt about Smith's take on Christianity, or what he is singing about. The album flows beautifully, and this group of musicians has never been tighter. Smith has the most impressive range I've ever heard from a male, and more impressive than most females. I highly reccomend this album to any fan of metal, or even fans of orchestraic rock like Skillet or Red. And anyone looking for heavy music without screaming has succeeded in their search.

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Anthem For the Underdog (12 Stones)

This is actually August's random review, since I slacked off.

Bringing their Post-Grunge/Alt. Metal sound back for another album, 12 Stones releases their best album to date.

And I'm here now feeling the pain of a thousand hearts. Been to Hell and back again, I won't take this.
Anthem For The Underdog
The first song on the record is a song of encouragement. As the title would suggest, it is an Anthem for the Underdog.
And we're here now feeling the beat of a thousand hearts coming back to life again. We can make it.

Don't act like an Angel, you've fallen again. You're no superhero, I found in the end...
Lie To Me
A more melodic rock song, it's about being in a relationship with someone, and having them treat you poorly. It's a breakup song, but it avoids the cheesiness that plagues most songs like this.
So lie to me once again and tell me everything will be alright. Lie to me once again and ask yourself before we say goodbye....well, goodbye....'was it worth it in the end?'

Now you're gone, I've moved on and I don't feel sorry. Can't you see I'm bleeding? But I won't bleed anymore.
Broken Road
A fitting song to come after Lie To Me, this crossover of sorts is the aftermath of a break up to a painful relationship. It's basically "I tried to make it work, but I tried too hard, and now I'm glad we're over."
I've held on for so long, but I had to let you go at the end of our broken road.

Am I dreaming? Feels like a drug but I know it's just adrenaline...
A simple mosh song. Consistant heaviness, and simplistic lyrics seemingly describing the feeling of adrenaline. Since it was recorded for the latest Rambo, it's a fitting song.
My heart is beating faster!

Now I'm breathing for the first and I'm leaving all this behind. I've become what I am because of was You.
It Was You
The album's first real slow song. It's a praise song to God for making us who we are.
So how can I make this up to You? I'll fight and I'll push and I'll strive now that I'm living my life for You, I'll fight and I'll push and I'll strive...

I'll close my eyes and I'll drift away, I'll make it through my darkest day. And I'll sing this song at the top of my lungs until this dark day is done.
This Dark Day
One of the heavier songs on the album, and my favorite from 12 Stones, ever. The song is from the perspective of a drug abuser trying to quit. More than that, it's about God helping us through our own dark days, when our strength doesn't seem great enough to make it by ourselves.
I'll open my eyes and I'll stay awake, I made it through my darkest day. And I'll sing this song at the topo of my lungs now that this dark day is done.

Now I don't believe that men are born to be killers, and I don't believe that the world can't be saved. How did you get here and when did it start? An innocent child with a thorn in his heart.
World So Cold
One of the most epic slow songs of all time. The song is about the cruelty and hate in the world corrupting everyone who tries to fit in with it. In times like the ones we live in, Jesus's warning to be not of this world makes complete sense.
What kind of world do we live in, where love is divided by hate? Selling our souls for no reason, we all must dreaming this life away in a world so cold.

I came home early to see you, couldn't wait to hold you, I've been away for so long now. But as I walked through the doorway, my heart was shattered to find that you're not alone.
Arms Of A Stranger
A heavy crossover, the song is about someone in a relationship cheating on you. This song is what Skillet's Should've When You Could've SHOULD have been. 12 Stones once again manages to avoid any cheesiness in this song.
When will I break into pieces? It's your mistake. I finally see that everything I thought was you was a lie. Now you've left love dying in the arms of a stranger.

Looking back on I've everything I've done, I never thought I'd find the one to share the dreams that only I had seen locked in the darkest part of me
Hey Love
An odd song, Alt-Rock song with a bluesy feel to it. It isn't bad, but may need to grow on you. The song is about finding the right person for you, the one God wants you to be with.
Hey love, won't you leave your touch on this heart that's broken? I can't breathe when you're not here! Hey love, won't you lift me up on wings that fly higher than the stars that shine above?

I'm so scared of all the ways you take my confidence away with all the selfish games you play.
Games You
A heavy song about someone in a position of authority abusing it to torment you, and make you do things you'd rather not. This song, the way it's worded, reminds me of the relationship between Greg House and James Wilson from the television show, House MD.
I don't know why and I don't know how I let you control my inner self. As cold as you are, I'm counting the scars; they're proving to me just who you are. And now I know why, and now I know how I'm better off without all the selfish things you say, and I won't waste another day with all the games you play.

Lie To Me (Acoustic)
Same song and lyrics as Lie To Me, just acoustic. It's well done

Taking chances...will they take their toll? Will you focus or will you lose control?
Once In A Lifetime
Quite possibly the heaviest song on the album, it's about living each day as your last. For once, this kind of song isn't in slow form. This song is brillliantly executed.
You made it, just take it! This might be your once in a lifetime. Don't waste it, or you'll be left faceless cause it's once in a lifetime, so take your best shot!

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Following the Comatose formula of 1/2 Rock and 1/2 Radio friendly Slow songs, Awake takes everything Comatose had right with it, and takes it up a notch.

Who's gonna fight for what's right? Who's gonna help us survive? We're in the fight of our lives, and we're not ready to die.
Awake kicks off with a very hook-heavy rocker. Extremely reminiscent of Linkin Park's Papercut, from Hybrid Theory. The lyrics are a simple plead to God to save us from this world that would seek to destroy our faith. The bridge, however, makes the case that the listener also needs to step up, and spread the good news, so that others may share in salvation.
I've gotta fight for what's right, today I'm speaking my mind, and if it kills me tonight I will be ready to die.

I hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begun, I must confess that I feel like a monster
Who knew 1 riff over and over would make a good song? Apparantly mainstream rock radio. And Skillet does it well enough. It's a good song, about the "monster" (sin) in us trying to get free, and destroy us. However, we cannot let it, or it will destoy us. I do have a complaint with the song. They tried to include the live Growl gimmick. It sounds terrible on the record, even humorous. I tend to just press the skip button after the bridge.
It's hiding in the dark, it's teeth are razor-sharp. There's no escape for me, it wants my soul, it wants my heart. No one can hear me scream, maybe it's just a dream, or maybe it's inside of me. Stop this monster!

And now, I guess, this is as good as it gets....
Don't Wake Me
A slow song. A very slow song. Like, zippo lighter or prom-dance slow. But not bad. The song will be easily relateable to anyone that's experienced loss of any kind. The song basically puts the narrator in a situation where he loved someone, but for one reason or another, can only be with them in his dreams.
I know, when it's you I'm dreaming of, I don't want to wake up.

I'm at war with the world, cuz I ain't never gonna sell my soul. I've already made up my mind: no matter what, I can't be bought or sold.
Awake and Alive
An anthem, without a doubt. Makes excellent use of strings. It's about standing up for what you believe in, even when the world would tell you to sit down and shut up. The chorus proclaims: I'm awake! I'm alive! Now I know what I believe inside. Now! It's my time! I'll do what I want, cuz this is my life. Here, right now, I'll stand my ground and never back down. I know what I believe inside, I'm awake and I'm alive. Expanding on "Hero's" bridge, this song is a call to arms to all believers to get out and let the world know what you believe, and that you won't back down from it. More importantly, let them know that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.
Forever hold this heart that I will give to You, forever I will live for You!

Time passes by, never thought I'd wind up one step behind....
One Day Too Late
Another slow song (already?), but this is more Nickelback-esque than slow dance. A simple rock ballad about living each day as you last. And let's face it, who hasn't made a song about living in the moment yet? I guess Skillet had to join the club sometime. Not a bad song, just overdone.
Your time is running out, you're never gonna get it back. So make the most of every moment and stop saving your best for last.

Let's get the story straight, you were a poison. You flooded through my veins, you left me broken. You tried to make me think that the blame was all on me with the pain you put me through, but now I know that it's not me, it's you!
It's Not Me(It's You)
Opening with the sounds of Ben picking up his guitar, then playing a suppressed, but distorted riff reminiscent of Greenday before going in to full Hard Rock mode, this is another song about a broken relationship. However, it's tongue-in-cheek, too. The title is a clear inversion to the popular cliche in a break up (it's not you, it's me), and refers to someone in some position of power abusing that power, and putting you down. Making you feel like nothing, and somehow putting the blame on you. This song is the answer to that scenario. Another explanation is that this song is speaking to the devil. He tries to make us sin, and make us hate ourselves for doing it, but in the end, it's him doing it to us. That does NOT absolve us, however, and we must still seek forgiveness.
So here we go again, the same fight we're always in. I don't care, so why pretend? Wake me when your lecture ends. You tried to make me small, make me fall and it's all your fault, with the pain you put me through, and now I know that it's not me, it's you!

Don't you understand? I don't wanna be your backup plan....
Should've When You Could've
....what the? The music...the title...the's just. Wow. It's a good enough song if you don't listen thinking "Skillet." It's even better if you listen thinkin "FM Static." I like FM Static, and this carries their signature sound, shockingly enough. The music is poppy, and the lyrics are about breaking up with someone that treats you poorly.
Play hard to get if it makes you happy, for change you can start chasing me.

So is it you, or is it me? I know I'm so blind when we don't agree...
Another slow song, but it's different. Very different. It's unique, which is always good, considering the direction that music, in general, is taking. John hits some killer notes at the end of the chorus. The song is almost an apology to someone you treated badly in an argument or something...but it also kind of puts some blame on them. It says I know I said some things I didn't mean, but you should have known me by now. Basically meaning that, "okay, I'm sorry, but you should know that I don't mean things like that." It's odd lyrically, but very fitting. I like the song.
You're all that I want, don't you even know me at all? You're all that I need, just tell me that you still believe.

You have forgiven all the promises and lies, all the times I compromised, all the times You were denied. You have forgiven...
Starting with killer piano-work from Korey, before mixing in strings and some guitar riffs. This is one of the best cross-overs I've heard in a long time. The song is begging God to forgive you for the sins, unfaithfulness, and false-idols. It repeats a line from one of my OTHER favorite Skillet slow songs, One Real Thing (I get down on my knees, feel your love wash over me). I don't know why people take exception to this. Skillet WROTE the line. They can use it how they see fit. And they used to do that all the time. More Faithful was born from the bridge of I Can. ....end rant.
Forgive me now, cuz I have been unfaithful. Don't ask me why, cuz I don't know. So many times I've tried, but was unable...but now this heart belongs to You alone.

Sometimes; don't deny that everything is wrong. Sometimes; rather die than to admit it's my fault. Sometimes when you cry, I just don't care at all. I don't know why I do the things I do to you but sometimes I don't wanna get better. Sometimes I can't be put back together. Sometimes I find it hard to believe there's someone else who could be just as messed up as me.
Wow. Starting with some hard-hitting guitars before breaking into metal Dual-Lead action, this song spells awesome from the first second it starts palying. It also has an awesome solo (using a voice-box. Nothing Peter Frampton worthy, but still great), and a sick outro with Alien Youth type effects. The lyrics are the type that punch you straight in the heart. Brutal honesty. But neccessary honesty. We all have a hateful side. I just learned that we need to acknowledge it...but we have to let it go, too.
I want someone to hurt like the way I hurt. It's sick but it makes me feel better. Sometimes I can't hide the demons that I face. Sometimes; don't deny: I'm sometimes sinner, sometimes saint.

Do you know what it's like when you're scared to see yourself? Do you know what it's like when you wish you were someone else?....
Never Surrender
Another cross-over of epic proportions. Starting with some nice strings, and then some guitar, played in-tune with the song itself, as opposed to riffs, this song doesn't scream "exceptional"....until you hear the words. Anyone who says they have never felt this way is either lying, or has led an extremely sheltered life. The song is begging God for help, when everything else seems dark and hopeless. The chorus cries out I don't wanna feel like this tomorrow, I don't wanna live like this today. Make me feel better, I wanna feel better. Stay with me here, now, and never surrender. I think this song would be great for To Write Love On Her Arms, like The Last Night, and will be similar to the song in terms of relatability.
Do you know what it's like when you're not who you want to be? Do you know what it's like to be your own worst enemy?....

I've gotta live with the choices I made, and I can't live with myself today.
A piano ballad, but don't go in with any expectations. They will be blown away. Despite the totally simple piano chord that the Jonas Brothers could play, this song is EPIC. Inspired by abortion, but applicable to a number of different scenarios. The best ballad Skillet has ever done, and probably my third or fourth favorite ballad of all time. Ever.
I know I'd do it all different if I had the chances, but all I've got are these roses to give, and they can't help me make ammends.

Don't you leave me here alone in all this fear...
Dead Inside
Wow. Why wasn't this song included in the original album? Starting with a nice hook before adding in heavily distorted riffs and present, but not overwhelming, stings, this song is epic. It's about the feeling that one has without God. Feeling empty, and hopeless. The deluxe edition is worth it just for this song.
Dead inside, my heart and soul flatline. Put your mouth on mine and bring me back to life. Dead inside, no other satisfies. My blood runs dry, take my life, save me from this death inside.

If my time was up I'd wanna know you were happy I was there
Would It Matter
A slower song, almost similar to Believe musically. Lyrically, it's about regretting the bad decisions you made, and wondering if anyone would miss you if you were gone. Wondering if you made any impact at all. A good song, but a bad choice for an album closer.
I know I'm a mess and I wanna be someone that I lke better.

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Album by Album reviews

A complex album rating system, here it is:

Each song has a possible 5 points, and the more I like the song, the more I like it. This also means longer albums have a higher potential. The more I like the sound, the less points I take off for sound deduction. Then I curved the percentages and added the results, in point form, to the previous points, then subtracted the deductions again, giving a definate list of my favorite Skillet albums:

Awake = 144
Collide = 143
Alien Youth = 143
Comatose = 131
Invincible = 123
Skillet = 91
Hey You, I Love Your Soul = 59

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Awake Lyrics!

Thanks to JT Indie. ( )

So, I can't Copy and Paste it for some reason, even piece by piece, so here you go:,7342.0.html

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Panheads Online

Panheads Online started out as a Fanspace for Skillet, currently run by 2 panheads, Cara and Joelle. Often interviewing the band at live shows the attend, presented to Fans/Friends/Subscribers of Panheads Online as "Panheads Exclusives." They also hold drawings from time to time, and the winner is sent a Skillet related prize, such as a signed CD, a poster, a T-Shirt, etc.

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Awake Deluxe

I promised to post when I had new information.....I just forgot that promise until right now.

Anyway, the deluxe edition has been confirmed, including 3 extra songs: Dead Inside, Would it Matter, and Monster (Radio Edit). I ordered from (only 18 bucks, with ONE DAY shipping. Amazon Prime = Win). It is unknown right now which version of Monster is which, whether the one with the growl is the album one or the radio edit, but we will find out August 25.

If you do order it, I reccomend Amazon (not Musichristian) because of shipping. However, I also suggest holding off ordering it if you did preorder the album, because (although unlikely) they may still upgrade the preorders, or at least give an option to upgrade.

Once I know more, I'll post another blog.

Awake Preview recently put up 30 second song clips for us to enjoy from Awake. Note to everyone: Believe does NOT work, as of Saturday, 7-25-09, at 11:30 PM.

All the songs sound good, but favorites right now are easily Awake and Alive, It's Not Me, and Sometimes.

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Finally Awake (Seventh Day Slumber)


What do you get when you take heavy, face melting songs; emotional ballads; and quality production, then throw them all in a blender containing lyrics inspired by an awesome testimoney? Seventh Day Slumber's Finally Awake. My only complaint is the usual "too MANY ballads" one.

I'll take what God has made me, I'm not an empty shell!
The first song on the album blasts it's way through, declaring a resistance to worldy things with lyrics like just so you know, I'll never be like or how many times have I hated who I was, lost sight of what defines me 'cause of airbrushed magazines. The chorus declares a realization, that we must focus on God.
I hope they see instead of following. I'm finally awake, I feel alive today (I feel everything). It's all so clear to me!

Lost in the game, finally I can say I'm proud of me. No hope at all, day that I believed would never come. No one to blame, the shadows of my past have been erased. A life that only God Himself could change.
Last Regret
Starting off with almost dual guitar riffs, and a screaming-singing antiphony (call and answer vocals...a screamed line, a sung line), this song is possibly the heaviest on the record. Lyrically, it's one of my personal favorites, because, for me, it is one of those songs that really hits home. It's about Joseph Rojas's redemption from a felon and drug addict to man of God, but is worded vaguely enough that it can be taken to mean any sort of redemption, on any level. The chorus proclaims I never dreamed that life could feel this way! Don't wake me please, I've finally found a place where I belong. Only one regret: all those years I lost for nothing at all, meaning that now that Rojas has found God, he is living a life he never dreamed was possible. The only thing he regrets is not finding Him sooner.
Lauging in pain, searching for a reason to exist. World torn apart, excuses left me breathless and ashamed. Slipping away, I've found a purpose that's worth fighting for. The memories don't haunt me anymore.
**I would like to note that I love the line "the memories don't haunt me anymore"**

On the outside, all they see is clay that hides the pefect lie, and no one really knows the pain inside. I understand how much it hurts to be the one who's never seen; the missing pages in a magazine.
Missing Pages
The albums first ballad, and my personal favorite ballad of ALL TIME. From any band. Ever. The lyrics describe a person who has become so calloused by the world, that everything that they do is an act, charade, or facade. They are sick of the lie, and turn to earthly habits to try and calm the pain of living a lie (your addiction is a symptom of lost and dying soul, and without Jesus there's no hope at all) but realizing that Jesus is the only One who can help, and also the only One who has known the true person, beneath the lie concocted to please the world. I think this song describes everyone, on some level (even if not as extreme), and I know I do sometimes.
No one knows you anymore, you're lost inside the walls you've built. No one knows you anymore, a prison deep within your soul. There is One who sees it all, He'll give you life you never dreamed. He can see the pain underneath your skin.

The silence of what's left is waking me, I never sleep.....
My Only Hope
Another heavy song, this speaks of something, anything really, tormenting someone to the point of breaking, and the person realizing that the only way they can be set free from the nightmares, visions, and memories.
So I pray this all will end, take it a million miles away, and I can't go through this again, You're my only hope!

There will come a day when I'll explain all the mistakes your dad has made. I hope you see that it was Christ, and only Him, that rescued me. Even when I fell away....
Another ballad, this is an excellent one as well. As far as I can tell, the song was written to Rojas's son, from him. A song that says "I want to be there for you, but if I feel, remember God won't"
And when you feel like giving up, I will walk you through the pain. And when you feel like life's too much, remember Jesus is your strength.

And all these memories will be erased
Breaking Away
A soft-ish song. It gets a little hard during the chorus, but has a more pop feel to it than the metal edge earlier songs in the record had. The song is about leaving behind all your mistakes and failures, and realizing that you cannot be pefect. If you could, Jesus died for nothing.
Breaking away from everything that's hopeless, the road ahead look wonderful

Am I too blind? I can’t see, it’s killing me. I feed off abuse, nothing’s changed, it always bleeds like this.
Burning Bridges
Another song with a metal edge (about time!), the lyrics are darker than previous songs. The lyrics are about not being able to break away from our sins, despite trying to kill all the ties we had to them. Proverbs 26:11 even says As a dog returns to it's vomit, a fool repeats his folly. We are condemned to repeat our mistakes, for as humans, on earth, we cannot change ourselves. Only God can help us be rid of our sins.
The holiest of liars, what have I become? I’m holding on to nothing once again. Addiction holds the keys to my freedom....could You take it all away?

These hollow things have replaced You. Lord, I need You back again.
Another ballad. Not a bad song, but there are too many of them. The song is good. It's about losing our love for God in the world, and focusing on worldy things, and asking Him to forgive us and put us back on the right path.
Take me to where I should be, 'cause I don't belong here, I know. Without You there's no hope for me. I'm undone, make me whole.

So I'll run to You, despite the shame and leave it all behind.
On My Way Home
Another ballad, with almost the same theme as "Undone" The song is actually a continuation. If Undone was about realizing whe need God, On My Way Home is telling God that we want Him back in our lives.
On my way home...I'm running back to You!

I'll never know what you see in me.
Broken Buildings
A song that isn't quite a building, but not as heavy as the first half of the record, it's a little lighter than Breaking Away. The song is about failing in life, loved by no one, including yourself, and trying to figure out why God would send His Son to die for us.
What did You see in me? What did You see in me? Is there beauty in these broken buildings? What did You see in me? What did You see in me? You found beauty in these broken buildings.
**Obviously comparing himself to "broken buildings" Just saying**
And how could I repay the priceless gift You gave? I'll never understand why You would take my place! You saw me at my worst, and still You never left, even when my world came crashing down.

Saturday's have never been the same, and I still can't believe you're gone.
Every Saturday
Ending the album with another ballad, the song is about losing someone close to you, and instead of getting over your mourning, you are stuck in despair. But you hold on to the knowledge that, however much you hurt, you know that God has a plan, even if you don't know what it is, and still believing in Him
I'm barely hanging on with all these empty feelings, I'm hurting in so many ways. And though I can't begin to understand the reason, I still believe that You're God.

Comatose Comes Alive

Well, since I have already reviewed every song on this live Album/DVD, I will not be explaining lyric or anything, simply analyzing the live performance. Hopefully short and sweet.

Playing a ton of songs from Comatose, not enough from Collide, and 2 from Invincible, this DVD/CD captures a concert from the 2008 Comatose Tour, specifically the stop in Chattanuga Tennessee.

After a countdown, a pleasant strings piece starts, and adds in some pounding drums.

With strings replacing a synthesizer, Comatose starts, and adds a short guitar bit to the intro, before going through the all too familiar song. Cooper gets the crowd involved plenty, but this is one of the songs that has been overdone.

Whispers in the Dark
After Comatose, this gem starts playing, with a nice echo effect on roses before Cooper screams, signaling the guitars to burst in full force. Adding in cryogenic steam and seizure-inducing lights, it's no wonder why this is a crowd favorite. At the end John talks some, nothing important

The strings from Collide are, as I've said before, the best part of the song. Even live, this song is boring. On the bright side, it gives me a chance to take pictures with all of them rocking out....

Blending right int after Collide, Forsaken starts with an added intro before getting face meltingly heavy. The second highlight, after Whispers.

Older I Get
Slowing things down is an understatement. From Forsaken to this is bringing things to a screeching halt.

The Last Night
After an explanation as to the meaning behind the song, this song slams on as usual. If you are someone who hasn't seen them live recently, you are in for a treat at the end of the song.

Better Than Drugs
A different intro may confuse some, but that only lasts until they launch face-first into the chorus, before playing the rocking Better Than Drugs.

Those Nights
Massive crowd involvement on a pretty good song.

Yours To Hold
After a few jokes about 80s power ballads (although there is one I take issue with: he says "I want everyone to pretend it's 1985....maybe put some cell phones up in the air" They didn't have cell phones with screens back then. It was Zippo-lighers all the way), they play the mellow Yours To Hold, with their drummer, Jen, singing for the second verse.

An awesome song, with some sweet screams added, is completely butchered here by the quality. I have no idea why the rest of the songs sound great, except this one....

My Obsession
EPIC! A face melter and crowd favorite! Not to mention adding an awesome solo.

Angels Fall Down
A decent song, but they didn't have enough room in between slow songs. Only 2? I should make setlists for them. Best. Tour. Ever.

An awesome fan favorite song, with an added outro that is supposed to serve as a grand finale....

Best Kept Secret
....until they do an encore. Going "old school" for this one, they make it a little more modern by turning down the samples and cranking the guitars. A good version of a good song.